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VUB PSD2 official announcement

VUB as the member of ISBD (International Subsidiary Banks Division) is fully aligned with the PSD2 Open Banking activities and introduced group solution for Open Banking portal and new API standard coming from Berlin-group NextGenPSD2 Access to Account Framework (Berlin-group standard).


All TPP partners are welcome to join us via our group Open Banking portal (?ISBD Open Banking Group Application?): https://isbd.openbanking.intesasanpaolo.com/en/home

This portal offers capability for test certificate generation, new ticketing system for all TPP requests and after registering and logging also access the documentation.

TPP Introduction

Application programming interfaces

for access to the Account Information Services and Payment Initiation Services, compliant with the new Payment Services Directive (PSD2), the regulatory technical standard for strong customer authentication (SCA) and open programming interfaces and the local Slovak legislation, transposing the PSD2 directive into local law.

Legal introduction 

Všeobecná úverová banka, a.s. ("VUB") enables access to accounts (XS2A) utilizing REST API services compliant with The Berlin Group NextGenPSD2 standard version 1.3.9 (shortly to be upgraded into version 1.3.11) that is further defined in implementation guidelines.

Access to the API can be requested by any natural or legal person that has the right to API access based on either the:

This means particularly:


Optional onboarding process

Swagger is available at Open Banking portal.

1. TPP registers on https://isbd.openbanking.intesasanpaolo.com/en/sign_up. For a successful registration you should select either:

a. I'm registered TPP: In this case you should upload public part of a production eIDAS certificate issued by a verified QTSP.

b. I'm in registration process: In this case you should upload either:

i.  Documentation that proves your TPP registration with a relevant NCA.
ii. Documentation that proves you are in the process of obtaining a TPP registration with a relevant NCA and it is likely that you will obtain such registration.

2. TPP receives email notification of successful registration.

3. TPP receives email notification about successful validation of registration, with a password for ISBD Open Banking Group Application

4. TPP logs into ISBD Open Banking Group Application and retrieves certificate and password for Sandbox API.

5. TPP starts using Real API.




XS2A interface

Access points

Sandbox API base URL: https://api.vub.sk with the http request header attribute "X-PSD2Sandbox" set to "yes"

Real API base URL for SK customers: https://api.vub.sk/

For CZ customers please use https://api.vub.cz


Account Information Service (AIS)

Payment Initiation Service (PIS)

Confirmation of Funds Service (PIIS)